Healthcare Research and Development

Fivestar Insurance Brokers Ltd. is able to provide coverage for Healthcare Research & Development (R&D) companies.

Our insurers have designed a package policy that is specifically designed for Healthcare R&D companies who do not provide third party services, sell products or conduct human clinical trials. This multi-line policy includes Errors & Omissions, General Liability and Property coverages in one convenient package. It is ideal for companies who do not wish to purchase high E&O limits due to the low exposure of R&D services, but who still require General Liability and Property coverages. 

As with all of our package policies, it is fast and easy to qualify! You only need to complete one application to obtain one quote for all three coverages. As always, the pricing is competitive and the coverage is comprehensive.

Companies who provide third party services, have product sales or conduct clinical trials are not eligible under this product however, we can provide coverage separately under our Healthcare Products Liability, CGL and Property. Clients benefit as our packages are designed to fit together to give seamless broad protection, eliminating potential gaps in coverage, claims disputes and non-concurrent forms. 

Package Policy Highlights for Healthcare Research & Development (R&D) companies include: 

Errors and Omissions 

Commercial General Liability 
Commercial Property with Specialized Research and Development coverage including: 

Valuable Papers

Accounts Receivables

Extra Expense

Radioactive and Bio-Contamination

Refrigerant Contamination and Temperature / Humidity Change

Research & Development Restoration Expense

Loss to Laboratory Animals

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