Kidnap and Ransom

Kidnap and Ransom are very real and growing threats in today's world. While the most vulnerable companies to kidnapping are those that have employees based or traveling overseas, organizations that have high profiles, handle large amounts of cash, or work with sensitive information or technologies are equally at risk. While rarely publicized, extortion against corporate assets or products is increasing rapidly in North America. Examples include extortion involving: bodily injury, property damage, pollution, cyberspace, and intellectual property. Companies need to prepare for these threats that can originate or occur virtually anywhere in the world.

Kidnap and Ransom Insurance is a benefit for any company with employees either traveling to or based overseas, particularly Latin America, Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa. It is particularly suited to cash rich or high profile companies operating domestically or in other countries, as well as for manufacturers or retailers of consumer goods.

Risks Covered:

Kidnap/Alleged Kidnap: a seizure or detention of an insured person for the purpose of demanding ransom monies. 
Extortion: payment demands following a threat to kill or injure and insured person, damage property, contaminate products, divulge trade secrets or destroy electronic data by computer virus. 
Wrongful Detention: involuntary confinement by a government entity or insurgent organization resulting from the arbitrary or capricious act of an agent of or with the tacit approval of said entity or organization. 
Hijacking: illegal holding under duress of an injured person for more than six hours while traveling on any aircraft, motor vehicle, or waterborne vessel. 
Coverage Includes:

death or dismemberment benefits arising from a covered incident. 
loss in transit of payment 
recall costs 
ransom/extortion payment 
judgement, settlement and defence costs 
consulting costs 
 business interruption 
related expenses: consultants salary continuation, personal financial losses, medical costs, rest and rehabilitation, travel and accommodation, loan interest payment, reward, interpreter, forensic analysis, other reasonable and necessary expenses.  

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