Lawyer Excess

Fivestar Insurance Brokers Ltd. provides Lawyers Excess Professional Liability geared specifically to meet the professional liability (errors and omissions) needs of law firms across Canada. This coverage works in conjunction with the mandatory professional liability of the individual Provincial Law Society Group programs and allows for significantly higher limits of coverage. 

The Federation of Law Societies of Canada requires "Every lawyer in Canada who provides legal services to the public is required to be insured against professional negligence. In each province and territory, the governing body administers a group liability insurance program. All compulsory programs provide at least $1,000,000 coverage for each claim. Lawyers and law firms often purchase excess insurance coverage for extra protection." 

Five Star Insurance Brokers Ltd. arranges coverage specifically designed to provide excess coverage for the underlying insurance group program. We are able to offer significantly higher limits above the mandatory coverage - up to $100 million or more is available. This ensures that your firm can structure an insurance package that suits your specific requirements. 

Ther principals of our company have experience in the providing lawyers excess for over 35 years. In fact, Frank Holman was instrumental in setting up coverage for many of the provincial law societies across Canada. Many of these law firms are still clients today. 

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