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With the rapid expansion of world and domestic trade the business of moving cargo today is becoming increasingly complex. This requires specialists in the field of marine cargo insurance. Five Star Insurance Broker's Ltd. can help you develop a complete range of products to meet the individual needs of the sophisticated cargo owner. Five Star Insurance Brokers Ltd. has access to domestic insures and Lloyd's of London. 
Coverage for Single Shipments and for Ongoing Transport 
Cargo is considered to be any goods sent abroad by sea, air or post. Policies are available for individual shipments or under an ongoing contract known as a "open policy". An open policy is a contract prepared in general terms covering specified goods on terms agreed. An Individual policy usually applies to a specific delivery of goods or goods sent on a irregular basis. Open policies ,on-the-other hand, can be written in very wide basis to cover goods shipped anywhere in the world. In this case no specific values are stated, limits may be applied to any one conveyance or location. 
Different coverages for Different Cargos 
Coverage can vary based on cargo type. For example, some cargoes are susceptible to particular hazards and therefore require to be treated uniquely. The leakage associated with barrels with liquids, or powders shipped in paper containers, may be recognized through a deductible. Other coverages for fragile cargos such as chocolate and eggs may also exclude risks of heating, sweating or breakage. 

Marine and Cargo Insurance