Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice is a rapidly changing class of business in Canada. Alternative healthcare and holistic medicine are both exploding in popularity and are becoming increasingly more mainstream. In the drive to reduce deficits over the past few years, governments at all levels have downloaded to the private sector as well as to many healthcare services, creating a new market for these clinics and practitioners. In addition, a whole new area has developed for various home care services that previously did not exist. 

Companies or individuals face a variety of exposures, including: 

Errors and Omissions

Medical Malpractice Liability

Libel and Slander

Some examples of professionals we insure for Medical Malpractice are: 

Holistic Medical Providers


Home Care Service Providers

Rehabilitation Professionals

Massage Therapists


Nursing Agencies/

Professional Group & Association Programs: 

Fivestar Insurance Brokers Ltd. is able to arrange coverage for professional groups and associations. We recognize that each group or association is unique, and we can work with the insurers to tailor the policies to meet your specific insurance requirements. Not only are we able to provide competitive premium rates for its Medical Malpractice Errors and Omissions coverage, we can also offer Commercial General Liability and Commercial Property coverages with one insurer thus providing our clients with a complete and seamless comprehensive package. 

Medical Malpractice Policy Highlights: 

Coverage for practitioners, institutions or partnerships

Coverage for non-professional employees working under the direction of the professional 

Additional Policy Enhancements for Professional Group & Association Program Business: 

If claim exceeds deductible, deductible is waived Reimbursement for expenses incurred defending unfounded abuse allegations coverage for expenses incurred to defend allegations of negligence, including disciplinary hearings, etc. 

Commercial General Liability and Commercial Property: 

Fivestar Insurance Brokers Ltd. can provide Commercial General Liability coverage as well as Commercial Property coverage to complement its Medical Malpractice policies. Our CGL and Property policies offer all the broad cover you need to offer your clients. This gives you the opportunity to place the CGL, Property and the Medical Malpractice liability covers with the same insurer. This eliminates potential gaps in coverage, claims disputes, and non-concurrent forms. The Insurers liability policies are designed to fit together to give a seamless broad protection for our clients. 

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