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Real Estate and Property Management

Property owners have a responsibility to preserve their property, neighbourhoods, and to protect tenants, their guests, and the public from harm. Owners and managers must evaluate their risks on a regular basis to determine their possible liability and financial loss, then carry the appropriate insurance to deal with the liability and property damage risks. 

A well-designed and thought out insurance package can protect rental property and managers from losses caused by many types of perils, including fire, storms, burglary and vandalism. (Earthquake and flood insurance are typically separate.) A comprehensive policy will also include liability insurance, covering injuries or losses suffered by others as the result of defective conditions on the property. Equally important, liability insurance covers the cost of defending personal injury lawsuits (lawyer's bills). 

Should you have just one property or a large schedule of properties we are able to customize a package to meet your needs. We have expertise in placing even large buildings in excess of $100,000,000 and property schedules nationally or even on a world-wide basis for international clients.

In addition, should you have properties that are difficult to place for various reason such as age, prior losses, vacant, aluminum wiring or other issues we may be able to help.

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